The philosophy of Griffin Learning is that education is a means of gaining knowledge that will allow you to have opportunities to make decisions and have power over your future.

"ipsa scientia potestas est"or "knowledge is power" is Griffin Learning Center's motto, which perfectly expresses our philosophy. We, at Griffin Learning Center, believe that knowledge allows each of us to capitalize on opportunities, to make sound decision, and to have power over our future.

At Griffin Learning Center we are dedicated to helping students from Clark County improve their tests scores, not only on the SAT's and the Nevada State Proficiency Exams, but with their regular school work as well. Helping students achieve academic goals to enhance collegiate choices and possibilities for their future is our main focus.


Teaching and Learning at Griffin Learning

Focused: Our courses are directed at helping students
focus on the major components of the curriculum for which they will be assessed and evaluated. We are dedicated to helping our students compress the useful and necessary skills and content, allowing them an opportunity to score well and have an edge on the competition.

Career Opportunities

English and math teachers can send their resumes to us at Griffin Learning 4520 Hualapai Way, Las Vegas 89147 or by email at teaching@griffinlearning.com

Please include previous teaching experience, references, and any experience in teaching prep courses.

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